We offer powder coating for most metal parts. Powder coating is more durable than traditional liquid paint, and shows less signs of wear and tear over time.

The Process

1. Each part is cleaned to remove oil, dirt, lubrications, and metal oxides.

2. Free flowing dry powder is sprayed onto an electrostatic gun which imparts a positive charge on the powder. The powder is attracted and adheres to the negative charge of the metal surface.

3. The item is cured in a 390F oven for 10-30 minutes. The high temperature melts the powder coating and causes a chemical reaction that produces a cross linking polymer which is smooth and shiny in appearance.

Several colors* are available including red, green, purple, yellow, black, white, and many others. If we don't have it in stock, we will order it.

*Color choice may affect cost.


Powder Coated Parts

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